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Indiana University Finger Nail Art (Go Hoosiers!)

It’s officially basketball season which means it’s time to show our spirit through nail art!  What better way to show off your teams logo than on your nails?

Here’s my second version of IU Nail Art.  You can also see my IU Hoosiers Toe Nail Art here.

IU Hoosiers Nail Art


I painted the base coat in IU Crimson, and then used the I <3 Nail Art white detail pen shown here to make the IU symbol.  WARNING you have to put a layer of topcoat on top of the detail pen or it will come off the first time you wash your hands.

The detail pen might also require two layers to get a strong white detail.

Halloween Mummy Jars

Originally Pinned By Crafts Re-Designed

I saw this cute and simple craft last Halloween and thought it was too cute to pass up.  I ended up using this as a craft for my sister’s 12th birthday party (October birthdays get the best crafts!).  The good news is that if a group of pre-teens can tackle making mummy jars, you can too.

The supplies are in the medium price range.  To get the authentic mummy look you have to use gauze (grocery store or pharmacy).  A roll of gauze is around $3, but it isn’t very much.  To make about 8 mummy jars of various sizes I used about 6 rolls of gauze. Aside from that mod-podge is cheap and you can use old sauce jars that are clean instead of buying Ball jars.

Here’s what it looks like without the spooky effects:

Mummy Jars with the lights on.
Mummy Jars with the lights on.

Making the mummy jars is as easy as it looks. Get the gauze all mod-pogde-y and wrap it around the jars.  I recommend cutting the gauze into different widths and trying to wrap it sporadically so it doesn’t look uniformly placed.

Hot glue on some googly eyes and you’re good to go.

It takes AT LEAST 24 hours for these to dry completely so best not to save this craft for October 30th.

You can use a tea light, or buy flickering LED lights to put in side the jars.


Single Mummy Jar, The perfect Halloween Craft for Kids

Candy Bar Fathers Day Card

My younger sister saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect gift for her dad/my step-dad.  Since he’s a sweet tooth it was a perfect gift.

Another example of this idea comes from Lil’ Luna’s Fathers Day Candy Bar Poster.

Emily and my mom came up with the text and I helped Emily put it together.  We used a few golf themes since our dad is an avid golfer (i.e. “step up to the MOUNDS”).

Happy Father's Day!

The full text reads:

“For Fathers Day I could have taken you on a shopping SPREE or golfing… When you step up on the MOUNDS I will try not to SNICKER as you CRUNCH the ball, or I can make you a PB sandwich and you can lick my BUTTERFINGERS, then we can split a MILKYWAY be-TWIX us.  Since I don’t have a job with a PAYDAY I thought I would give you this card instead.”

Ok ok maybe it’s cheesy and very grammatically questionable, but still super cute.


We were able to get all of the candy bars to stay on very well using packing tape.

Candy Bar Father's Day Card

Happy Pinning!

80’s Themed Neon Cassette Tapes

This Pinspiration was originally from Setting The Mood.

What is more 80’s than neon AND cassette tapes?  The most challenging part of creating these amazing 80’s party decorations was finding cassette tapes.  Think about it, when was the last time you stumbled across a large pile of cassette tapes?  We tried searching vintage stores and Goodwill to no avail.  My mom found about 10 or so that she was willing to part with.  We were also able to buy some cassettes from WalMart, but fair warning, don’t ask the employees in the electronics department if they have cassettes because they will wrongly tell you “no” and look at you like you’re crazy for wanting to buy cassette tapes.

Model Maker Brand Spray Paint White Primer Spray PaintWe purchased five different neon spray paint colors (yellow, green, purple, orange, and blue).  We used a range of brands, but overwhelmingly the Model Master brand (left) worked the best.  I ended up having to use a white primer coat first to get the Krylon brand to cover the plastic (above).

Yellow and Purple Spray Painted Cassettes

Here you can see what the tapes looked like without a coat of primer.

It was pretty disappointing, but after adding the primer the color was a lot less transparent.


I thought it might look cool to use the actual tape as string to tie the cassettes together.  I just pulled out some of the tape and used the slits and holes int he plastic on the cassette tape case to keep them together.  You can put two or three cassettes on a string based on where you will hang them.  Most of mine ended up going on ceiling lights, so more than 3 would have been a nuisance.

Hanging Neon Cassette Tapes DSC_0031









Happy Pinning!


Panda Nail Art

I wanted to do a quick cute accent nail and stumbled upon the idea of doing a Panda on Pinterest.

Panda Nail Art Base
Panda Nail Art Base
Panda Nail Art with Ears
Panda Nail Art with Ears

Basically you just paint a semi-circle onto the tip of the nail.  Then paint on the ears in black.  I used the end of a bobby pin (as demonstrated in my Valentine’s Kisses Nail Art post from a month ago) to get nice round circles.  Then using the fine tip of a detail nail art brush you can paint the face.  I think my Panda turned out a little “special” but it just made him extra cute!  Let me know how your panda turns out if you give it a try!

Finished Panda Nail Art

Happy Pinning!

Ms. PacMan Birthday Cake

Truth be told there are a lot of “Totally Rad” cake options for an 80’s party.  But for the birthday boy that our 80’s party was created for there is only one option: Ms. PacMan.  Inspiration for this cake came from a few places.  Serenity Now posted a neat Mr. PacMan cake as well as Claudia’s Cakes Mr. PacMan Cake (which totally out does mine, but let’s not forget that I’m an amateur!)  The only problem was that both of these cakes were Mr. PacMan and this birthday boy is all about MS. PacMan.  I might not have noticed and would have made the wrong cake, but luckily our friend Jason pointed out that the cake concept ideas we had we all Mr. PacMan.

using a toothpick to stencil in the lines on the Mrs. PacMan board.Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff… how did I do it?  Well I bought a sheet cake from a grocery store and had them ice it in chocolate.

If you’ve never used black icing or tried to dye icing black I highly recommend NOT trying it.  Plus the chocolate tastes better! And it gets the point across.  I used a printout of the Ms. PacMan Level I board as a template to stencil the main design of the board.  By using a toothpick and some eyeball measurements I was able to get a really great stencil.  Next I used orange icing and piped along all of the stenciled Orange Lines of Pacman Board Cakelines to make the game board.  Orange is the color of the boundaries for Level I of Ms. PacMan.  It was very important to be accurate to please these party guest (i.e. we’re all nerds).  I also left space at the top to write “Happy Birthday Adam”.  Since the stenciling went so well I used the toothpick to stencil this in as well.  For an icing tip I used a medium sized regular round tip.  I bought orange icing and whipped it up in my stand mixer to make it easier to spread.

Everyone knows that both Mr. and Ms. PacMan LOVE EATING DOTS!!!  The obvious option for making dots would be to just pipe icing.

Dots materialPlaceing Dots - Full View



I however thought this seemed tedious and potentially aggravating  so I bought a few candy decorating items to help get the job done.  I used the small white dots as the normal PacMan food and the larger white dots as the special corner foods.  Then the interesting part… How do you place about 100 tiny white dots so that they line up and look nice?  Well I had an idea to try to use a plastic bristle paint brush to pick up and place these tiny white dots.

Placing Dots -Close Up It worked like magic!  I used a tiny bit of water to get the bristles wet and was able to quickly and very precisely place all of the dots!

I know what you’re thinking… “Is this cake/PacMan board really accurate down to the last dot?”  Although I was striving to get it 100%, there is one flaw.  But even the birthday boy couldn’t tell so I’ll let it go.  The finishing touches were to make the ghosts (I used colored icing and a

flat tip to pipe out a little rectangle and added eyes), the text at the top, and a border.  I think it’s important to mention that NO FONDANT WAS USED making this cake.  Honestly it tastes gross, it’s kind of cheating, and is hard to deal with.  You can do anything with icing it you put your mind to it!  Well that’s about it.  Let me know if you have questions and as always…

Adding ghosts to a Mrs. PacMan Birthday Cake

 Happy Pinning!

Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa

Originally Pinned by Mom, What’s For Dinner?  Check out the original Pin and full recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa here!

So here’s the thing, if you’re looking to make the most delicious recipe ever to impress guests, this isn’t it.  However, if you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal to add to your cookbook this Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa definitely fits the bill.  It only takes about 4 ingredients (unless you count salt and pepper, but common let’s be serious).

Cooking quinoa can be tricky.  If you don’t cook it long enough the little beads crack in your teeth Partially Cooked Quinoawhich is unappetizing.  But if you cook it too long you get a mushy goo.  This recipe instructs the chef to more or less steam the quinoa in chicken broth with the broccoli.  I found that this is a great way to ensure the correct done-ness of the quinoa.

The quinoa on this form is about half-cooked.  You can tell by the way the grains look.  The centers are still opaque and the little curly things haven’t separated fully.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you will after your first experience with quinoa.

Definitely an easy recipe to make and inexpensive.  I did have to add a little bit extra chicken broth but I think I also over measured the quinoa so that solves that mystery.  Next time I think I’ll add some chicken…

Happy Pinning!

Valentine’s Planted Hearts Nail Art

Originally Pinned and designed by Rina Alcantara from Simply Rins

I love this nail art design by Rina Alcantara and I found it just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I think it is the epitome of cute meets classy.  Rina used a nice light green background.  My nail model this time was Colleen who already had a light taupe base coat so we used that instead.

To make the hearts I used the end of a bobby pin as explained in my Valentine’s Kisses Nail Art post.  This helps give the heart s a nice roundness that is extremely hard to attain with a thin brush.Planted Hearts Thumb Close Up  Next I used a thin black nail art brush to paint the stem and finished it off with some leaves in green.  I’ll openly admit that my planted hearts didn’t turn out as well as Rina’s.  Although this design looks easy, getting the correct symmetry and smoothness to the heart can be difficult.  Colleen however was pleased with the outcome and said that these Planted Hearts made her smile for the week!

Happy Pinning!

Valentine’s Kisses Nail Art

Original nail art design by Nail Art 101.  Check out the tutorial video here Valentine’s Kisses.

Valentine’s Day Kisses is the best choice for themed nail art in February.  I love heart designs as much as the next guy, but it’s not the most original.  These lipstick smooches are just as easy to do and way more fun!

bobby pinIn the video by Nail Art 101 they use a fancy nail art tool.  In lieu of this I used a bobby pin and it worked great!  Easier to handle than a paintbrush and it gets just the right amount of nail polish on the tip.



Ring finger with white close upI tried this with two fingers.  On my ring finger I added the white lip creases as shown in the tutorial video.  On my thumb I left the lip creases off.  I think both are cute, it’s up to you which you prefer 🙂


Pucker up and Happy Pinning!

Side Braid

The original pin that I found for a side braid on Pinterest was just from a picture on tumblr, so there’s no one to really credit for this one.  Although I suppose technically I can credit the Ancient Egyptians (4000 BC) who were the first people documented to braid, or plait, hair.

Side Braid Front
Emily’s side braid and side smirk

As you can see on my lovely model (and younger sister) the braid is a beautiful way to style longer hair.  If you can french braid hair, you can definitely handle trying a side braid.  It’s basically the same as a regular french braid that starts at the part and continues alongside the face.  On the face side of the braid you don’t pick up hair for each fold (unless you have some crazy long eyebrows).  Instead just fold the original strand back into the center of the braid.  I prefer to braid into wet hair, but both my sister and I have finer hair.  If you happen to be blessed with gorgeous wavy thick hair by all means braid it dry and a little messy!

Self Side Braid
Self Side Braid

Some people choose to braid over the ear so that it is hidden behind the braid.  For both Emily’s braid I went all the way behind her ear so that she could keep her glasses on comfortably.  For my braid I let my ear peek out a little.  Now, whenever I show up to work with a braid in my hair the first questions people will ask are “Did you do that yourself?” and “How long did that take?”. Yes I did it myself, and it takes about 10 minutes (at least it did when my hair was high waist length).  I promise that braiding you own hair isn’t difficult.  I find that if you do it by feel instead of trying to use a mirror you will have the best results.  So give it a whirl!  I do not however recommend modeling your own braided hair for your blog.  It’s a much better idea to get your cute younger sister to be your model as much as possible (thanks Emily!).

Give it a try and let me know how the side braid works for you!  You can also do a side braid with half-up/half-down hair.

Happy Pinning!