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Dandelion in the Wind Nail Art

Looking for very easy whimsical summer nail art?  You’ve got it. This Dandelion design only takes a few minutes.  Best of all, you only need to have very basic nail art supplies.

Paint the nails with a base color; I used Lilacism by Essie.  Once the background color is dry, paint on a thin black line onto the main accent nail using either a fine tipped nail art brush or pen.  At the top of the line draw a small upside down semi-circle.

Dandelion Nail Art close up
Dandelion Nail Art close up

Wait for the black to dry a minute or two.  Next, use a white nail art brush or pen to draw on the dandelion seeds.  The more free and less structured you are with these brush strokes the more authentic it will look.

Continue to add dandelion seeds with the while onto adjacent nails. Make the pattern less dense as you spread to nails farther from the main accent nail.

PRO TIP: I highly recommend the I Love Nail Art White Nail Striper by Sally Hansen.  This nail art tool will allow you to create so many designs and it won’t dry out after a few months I promise.  The brush is just firm enough to have good control but still have the natural brush stroke look.

Dandelion Nail Art


Valentine’s Day Nail Art Roundup

I put together a small roundup of some of my favorite Valentine’s themed nail art creations from Pinterest.  Enjoy!

Simple Heart Nail Art – Easy Enough for Anyone!

Sometimes the thought of self created nail art is just too daunting, but even the worse artist can do these two easy heart designs with the right tools!

Nail Dot Setup

First is the Dotted Heart design, originally Pinned by @majikbeenz at PurelyHer.com.  For this design just pull out all of the colors you want to use from your nail polish box and place a few drops of each on onto a piece of wax paper.  After painting the nail in your base color, use a marbling tool to add dots in the shape of a heat.  If you don’t have a marbling tool, the end of a bobby pin works just as well (as demonstrated in my post here).  In the original Pin, Majik kept their dots separated. I found it easier to allow the dots to overlap slightly. This makes it way easier for beginners.

Simple Heart Nail Art

Another easy nail art design for beginners is a simple heart outline.  I used a gold background (a little less obvious than hot pink for those of us who like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a subtle way) and a black accent.

I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit

I bought a kit that has the pinstriping brush and the marbling brush together like the one pictured. The best way to apply a thin line is with a pinstriping brush. It’s easiest to start by forming the round tops of the heart. Place the brush so that you are “pulling” it, not pushing, to get the best result.

Happy Pinning!

Stick Figures in Love Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Stick Figures in Love Nail Art

This nail art design was originally created by @NewlyPolished.  Check out their Instagram for more amazing nail art.

 (Click on the image to view in Amazon Marketplace)

I wanted to paint my friend Julia’s nail and asked her to search Pinterest for some fun ideas.  She found this incredibly cute stick figure idea and we fell in love with the design.  I used the Kiss Nail Art fine line Black paint to make the stick people and a regular marbling pen with pink polish to make the hearts.  This kit can be bought on Amazon for less than $7!

Remember, love is for everyone, even stick figures!

Indiana University Finger Nail Art (Go Hoosiers!)

It’s officially basketball season which means it’s time to show our spirit through nail art!  What better way to show off your teams logo than on your nails?

Here’s my second version of IU Nail Art.  You can also see my IU Hoosiers Toe Nail Art here.

IU Hoosiers Nail Art


I painted the base coat in IU Crimson, and then used the I <3 Nail Art white detail pen shown here to make the IU symbol.  WARNING you have to put a layer of topcoat on top of the detail pen or it will come off the first time you wash your hands.

The detail pen might also require two layers to get a strong white detail.

Snowflake Nail Art

Originally Pinned by HomadeCosmetics

The perfect nail art for winter.

Snowflake Nail Art Collage


Start with a white nail base (I used Essie “Blanc”).  Use a detail brush or pen to add snowflakes.

The original Pinner used the same design for all of their snowflakes, but I decided to mix it up.  Some looked better than others, but it just didn’t seem right for all of my snowflakes to look the same!

You can also try this design with a navy background and white snowflakes.






Happy Pinning!


Santa’s Belt Christmas Nail Art

Originally Pinned By Polish Polish

Even if you are not a pro at nail art, you can definitely do this design. All you need is a red base coat and black and silver polish.  I use Kiss Nail Art fine tip paints for the black and silver, but you can always use regular polish and a fine tip brush from an art store.

Santa's Belt Nail Polish

Not much to explain, just paint on a stripe of the black and add a buckle and voila! This would also be cute with a gold buckle, but I went with silver because that’s what I had in my nail polish box.

Santa's Belt Nail Art in Two Steps

Send me a picture of your attempt at this fun and easy nail art design!

Happy Pinning!


IU Hoosiers Toe Nail Art

To celebrate the IU Men’s B-Ball making it to the sweet sixteen I have dedicated my toe nail art to support the Hoosiers (bummer it’s not flip flop weather yet…).

If (when) they make it to the elite eight I’ll do my finger nails as well. IMG_0084

Fairly straight forward, I just painted the nails white and used a paint brush to dip into red polish and make the IU symbol.

For the small toes I did the classic IU pinstripes. It’s that easy!

Happy Pinning!

Panda Nail Art

I wanted to do a quick cute accent nail and stumbled upon the idea of doing a Panda on Pinterest.

Panda Nail Art Base
Panda Nail Art Base
Panda Nail Art with Ears
Panda Nail Art with Ears

Basically you just paint a semi-circle onto the tip of the nail.  Then paint on the ears in black.  I used the end of a bobby pin (as demonstrated in my Valentine’s Kisses Nail Art post from a month ago) to get nice round circles.  Then using the fine tip of a detail nail art brush you can paint the face.  I think my Panda turned out a little “special” but it just made him extra cute!  Let me know how your panda turns out if you give it a try!

Finished Panda Nail Art

Happy Pinning!

Valentine’s Planted Hearts Nail Art

Originally Pinned and designed by Rina Alcantara from Simply Rins

I love this nail art design by Rina Alcantara and I found it just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I think it is the epitome of cute meets classy.  Rina used a nice light green background.  My nail model this time was Colleen who already had a light taupe base coat so we used that instead.

To make the hearts I used the end of a bobby pin as explained in my Valentine’s Kisses Nail Art post.  This helps give the heart s a nice roundness that is extremely hard to attain with a thin brush.Planted Hearts Thumb Close Up  Next I used a thin black nail art brush to paint the stem and finished it off with some leaves in green.  I’ll openly admit that my planted hearts didn’t turn out as well as Rina’s.  Although this design looks easy, getting the correct symmetry and smoothness to the heart can be difficult.  Colleen however was pleased with the outcome and said that these Planted Hearts made her smile for the week!

Happy Pinning!