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Capsule Wardrobe: Narrowing Down The Options

What is a Capsule Wardrobe. Caroline from Un-Fancy defines the Capsule Wardrobe as “A mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear.”

I would like to expand on this definition by adding that a Capsule Wardrobe is a new way to refresh and minimize your daily outfit options in an attempt to better portray your style and restore energy. By committing to the use of a Capsule Wardrobe you are eliminating the amount of time and energy (both physical and mental) that you put into deciding what to wear day in and day out. I found that the process of creating a Capsule Wardrobe was very freeing and fun. Once I started to identify which items would belong in my spring capsule I noticed a true direction that my personal style was headed and this made me feel really happy and secure.  Of course, as with any new challenge there were some obstacles. This post will focus on the hurdles I came across while creating my Spring Capsule, including the tools I used, and will tee up the next post where I’ll share my completed Spring Capsule. 

To begin, I printed out Caroline’s Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Caroline is a master at Capsule wardrobes, fashion and photography. I wanted to use her spring 2015 capsule as a template for me to use. For each item that I decided to keep in my spring capsule, I’d find the item from her capsule wardrobe that is most similar and write a description of my item beneath.  The idea here is that it’ll help make a well-balanced capsule; arguably the most difficult part of building a capsule wardrobe.Capsule Planning 1

Caroline has GREAT style, but she also works from home. I work in corporate America and therefore have different needs in my capsule. I ended up substituting a lot of the t-shirt styles on Caroline’s spring capsule wardrobe with blouses. Caroline had one dress in her capsule, but I ended up with 5 because I love wearing dresses. Capsule Planning 2

The point is: Make your capsule YOURS. 

My friend Theresa pointed out that Caroline uses a very neutral palette. This would never work for Theresa because she loves wearing colors and patterns. I found that my capsule ended up being a mixture of neutrals for my work clothes and colorful patters for my weekend clothes. I don’t think that choosing a neutral palette is a requisite for living a capsule wardrobe life.

Caroline sticks to 37 items for her Capsules which includes 10 pairs of shoes. After two days of working on my spring capsule I’ve narrowed it down to 44 items, not including shoes. I decided to allow myself 5 extra pieces to account for the professional work wardrobe (mostly slacks and pencil skirts). I also will limit my shoes to 5 or 6 pairs so that I can have more dresses and skirts.

Another personal choice that I made is keeping only 6 tank tops. For my personal comfort and style I MUST wear a tank as an undershirt with almost every outfit. This is something I started in high school and find that it’s most flattering for my figure. Here’s the issue, how do I narrow a drawer full of 30+ tank tops down to just 6 that I will wear for the next 3 months?!

Narrow down your staples to minimize your closet.
Narrow down your staples to minimize your closet.

The solution was simple. I picked the ones that are most comfortable, pair well with the sweaters, jackets, and blouses that I wanted in my spring capsule, and I tried to pick the ones with minimal wear and tear.

Maybe for you tank tops aren’t that important, but you must have 10 pairs of flip-flops. The same general idea would apply.

So similar but which to choose?
So similar but which to choose?

Here’s another issue: “I have two shirts that are very similar but I can’t choose between the two!”

Both of these shirts are black, have silky accents at the neck, and are work appropriate. The difference is that the one on the left is lose and flowy (perfect for tucking into pencil skirts) and the one on the right is more fitted (better for wearing under jackets).

In a case like this where two things that you like are very similar, but you only have room for one in your capsule (remember capsule wardrobe don’t work if they have 100 pieces!) my suggestion is to wear both in the same week and pick the one that you enjoyed wearing more.

It’s that simple!

Ok, now go clean out your closet, whittle down what you will wear for the next 3 months, and begin living the simple and sophisticated Capsule Wardrobe life!

How To Fold a Plastic Bag

It’s no secret that everybody has a drawer crammed full with plastic bags.  For some of us these bags are being saved for walks with the dog, kitty litter cleanup, or to wrap up smelly trash.  For others the bags are collected for the sole purpose of being eventually discarded or recycled. Either way why not have a neatly folder stack of bags instead of a piled up mess?

Go From Messy to Organized in Four Steps!



Here’s how to fold a plastic bag into the perfect triangle:


1) Lay the bag on a flat surface. Make sure that the bottom corners are properly folded in.


2) Fold the bag lengthwise into thirds.


3) Starting at the bottom, triangle fold alternating left and right the length of the bag.


4) Tuck the bag handles into the triangle opening.


Happy Pinning!

P.S. Thanks goes out to the guy at my dog daycare who I observed doing this yesterday, inspiring this post.



How to Hang a Perfectly Straight Picture or Mirror

We’ve all been there… spending 30 minutes to hang something and then stepping back to realize that it’s crooked.  This is such a deflating and annoying feeling that is easily avoidable.  If you follow these easy steps it will guarantee that everything you hang will be perfectly level.  I used hanging a very heavy mirror in the example pictures since this is a time when I absolutely could not afford to hang it cockeyed.

Step 1) Lay whatever you are about to hang on a flat surface.  Place painters tape or masking tape on to cover the hooks on the back of your frame. 

1) Lay on flat surface 2) place painters tape on hooks

Step 2) Mark X’s onto the tape over the location of the hooks or hangers.

2) draw x's where the hooks are

Step 3) Remove the piece of tape from the mirror or frame and place it on the wall. Measure the height of the object you are hanging to make sure that it will fit below where the tape is placed.

Use a level to ensure that the tape is perfectly level.Step 3) Apply tape to wall and level

Step 4) Depending on the weight of your mirror or picture you might need to use drywall anchors.  The mirror I hung is very heavy (30 lbs +) so I used large drywall anchors and screws. You can buy these in a package of 10 with matching anchors and hooks so you know the size is right and the package generally says how much weight they can hold.

Use a drill to drill a hole through the middle of the X on the tape. Remove the tape and hammer in the drywall anchor. Finally, use a screwdriver to insert the screw into the drywall anchor.

Steps for installing drywall anchor and screws.
Steps for installing drywall anchor and screws.

Step 5) Finally hang your masterpiece and use the level to ensure that you nailed it (pun intended).

5) Hang Mirror and check Levelness

Completed Hanging Mirror