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Stitch Fix #3 – A Farewell Message

I received my third and final Stitch Fix “Fix” and I don’t think I’ll receive a fourth. It seems that the usefulness of using Stitch Fix has a lot to do with your lifestyle. If you are s busy mom that never has time to even glance in the direction of a clothing store to shop for yourself, Stitch Fix might be a huge aide to your hectic world. For me, it was a fun but unnecessary service that definitely was not a need in my life.

If you scroll back to my first post about Stitch Fix you’ll find a long rant about the appeal of Sustainable Fashion. It seems just bad luck for the Stitch Fix brand that I happened to find the Slow Fashion movement the exact same week that I found Stitch Fix. Unfortunately Stitch Fix does not offer (as far as I could tell) any sustainable brands. They do offer a few Made in USA items, but that’s about it. Furthermore Stitch Fix has its own brands (41 Hawthorne, Kut from Kloth, etc) which might be adding to the fast fashion issue.

Despite having these opinions, I decided to order a third fix, mostly because my friend Theresa had signed up and I had a $25 credit to use. Let’s see what they sent.

Item 1: Hanko Buffalo Plaid Vest – Pixley – $58Stitch Fix #3 - 1

This item is probably an easy “yes” for most consumers but I’m just not a fan of vests. My arms get cold!

Item 2: Dean Skinny Jean – Just Black – $78Stitch Fix #3 - 2

I liked the color and style of these pants, and I did specifically ask for colored skinny jeans, but unfortunately to justify adding them to my limited capsule wardrobe they needed to be one size larger.

Item 3: Joana Turtle Neck Pullover Sweater – RD Style – $98Stitch Fix #3 - 3

I would have kept this sweater if the neck had been anything but a cowl. I already have a cowl sweater in my Fall and Winter capsules, and keeping with the “fewer better things” lifestyle I can’t justify buying another one, especially from a non sustainable brand.

Item 4: Londyn Knit Peacoat Jacket – 41Hawthorn – $68Stitch Fix #3 - 4

This coat is a Stitch Fix brand and the fabric quality was terrible. It was not warm enough to be called a “peacoat”. Honestly this garment pisses me off and is the epitome of fast fashion in my opinion.

Item 5: Vance Henley Blouse – 41Hawhorne – $68Stitch Fix #3 - 5

The good news: I asked for a colored blouse and I got one. The bad news: I gave color examples that are appropriate for winter, such as emerald or burgundy, and instead got cobalt blue. I already own a blouse almost identical to this and it’s in my summer capsule where it belongs. Oh and did I mention IT HAD A STAIN!!!
I was pleased by the packaging on Fix #3. I also had the same stylist as Fix #2 which made me happy. I think unfortunately that the stylist got my style wrong. Although I do like conservative clothing due to my professional workplace setting, I still want to look my age: 28. Often times the teams she’d send were things that I could see my mom wearing more so than myself.

And with that I say so long and fair well Stitch Fix. You were fun for a little while but ultimately not a service that fits with my lifestyle.

VS Sport Bra and Knockout Crop

Are you in the market for some new performance athletic gear?  I just found out that Victoria’s Secret launched their new line of athletic wear.  Since its VS they obviously have a huge line of sports bras.  If there is one thing that VS does well, its supporting our lady parts.

My main physical activities are yoga (heated and non-heated) and walking/light jogging.  Below are my reviews on some of the new items from VS and how they perform for these activities.

The items I will be reviewing are:

The Incredible VS Sports Bra

The Knockout Mid-Rise Crop

Let’s talk about the Incredible Sport Bra first.  These are the performance details listed from the VS website:

♥  Maximum support

 Breathable padding with wicking liner to keep you extra dry

 Concealed wire for cushioned support
Padded straps and bonded, seamless technology that eliminates irritation

 Super-soft elastic band for comfort & movement
Cushioned, adjustable back closure

 Body-Wick keeps you cool & dry

Perfect for running, boxing and cardio

Of these claims, I absolutely agree with the claims indicated by a pink heart.  I do find that the T-strap design makes getting this bad boy on and off a little difficult.  I guess that’s part of the design.  If you’re bashful about your decolletage I do not recommend this bra.  It is definitely made to support your buxom and also to show your curves.

Ok time for the Knockout Crop.  The website boasts:

♥  Smooth seams for total comfort

 Medium rise with second skin fit and lined, reinforced gusset

 Hidden drawstring waist and hidden waistband pocket

♥  17″ inseam

 Body-Wick keeps you cool and dry

 Nylon performance fabric with four-way stretch

 Machine wash. Tumble dry.

As you can see this crop definitely is a total KNOCKOUT!  I agree with all of the website claims.  As an avid yoga pants/capri wearer (literally every day after work) these are great.  The mid-rise is very comfortable and flattering.  They are expensive at ~$60, but get them when you have a coupon and you will be pleased.  Plus that price isn’t bad compared to other performance wear brands that wick away sweat.


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.  This post permits contest entry.