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Sleepy Puppy – Knit Animal

Recently the (amazing) woman who watches my dog had a baby. I wanted to thank her in a special way so I found  this modification of a pattern from  The original “Pupster” pattern can be found here.Knit Instructions


Although in the website this little puppy fits nicely into someone’s hands, mine came out about twice as large! I did use size 6 needles as instructed, but my yarn must have been larger than what this pattern asked for. Here’s the correct yarn if you do want a small puppy in the chocolate color: 

Aspen 3I was able to make this in two days. It is not overly complicated but does require a moderate amount of sewing.Puppy in Pieces


As shown in this picture, the pattern instructs you to make all of the pieces separately and then sew them together (tail not shown).

As described in the modification I used one solid color instead of the “Pupster” pattern which has white face and paw accents. I also choose to use embroidery for the eyes instead of plastic since this is safer for infants (tutorial for face).

Face Close Up


I definitely think that using the “sleepy face” from is a lot cuter than regular button eyes.


If you have never made a knit stuffed animal before I’m not sure if I would suggest starting with this one.  The entire thing is knit by making flat pieces and then sewing up the seam.  It can be difficult to make this look pretty if you’re new to working with yarn.

Side View


This pattern used about 50 g of yarn which made it a great project for “cleaning up” my clutter of half used skeins.



One more of my dog modeling with the sleepy puppy toy, because why not?

Aspen 1