Capsule Wardrobe: My First Attempt at Cleaning Out the Closet

My journey to use a Capsule Wardrobe was inspired entirely by Un-Fancy and a hint from my friend Theresa 🙂

I often refer to myself as a “minimalist”, but then I see my closet and realize that what I actually am is a hypocrite.  Can you be a minimalist in all aspect but your wardrobe and still self apply the title? Sure. But I felt like for me that would be cheating.

I live in a 1200 sq ft. house with my boyfriend, 120 lb. Great Dane, and a ragdoll cat (I’d add a picture but I doubt I’ll ever get one with both the dog and cat in it together!).  When my boyfriend moved in I insisted on him getting rid of a lot of his stuff. To be fair I also did a fall-cleaning-purge. This included kitchen ware, household items, and yes, clothing. I try to keep little to no knick-knacks, stacks of things on shelves low, and nothing but personally hand-made magnets on the fridge (you know, for style). However, I have a huge double master closet with a bookshelf of shoes scarves, workout clothes and jewelry, a dresser packed to the brim, and a second coat closet full with jackets.

So why am I adamant about minimalism through the house except for in the closet?

I don’t actually know why, but what I do know is that it’s time for a change. Yesterday I began researching and planning my first ever capsule wardrobe and tonight I will execute. By tomorrow morning (the first day of the Spring quarter, and thus the spring wardrobe) I will wake up free of the clutter.  I will no longer whine to my boyfriend “What should I wear to work today?”. Tomorrow I will wake up with a limited amount of options and will pick an outfit that reflects my current personal style, fits well, and makes me feel good.

Come back tomorrow to see how it went. Here goes nothing!

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