Inside the RevealMore Vox Box

Reveal by Calvin Klein Influenster VoxBox Review

Recently I was asked to try a new cologne by Calvin Klein called Reveal as part of an Influenster product campaign.  Although the sample I received is for the Reveal for Men, I decided to test it on both myself and my boyfriend.  I should note that Calvin Klein also has a Reveal for Women fragrance but I have yet to smell that one.

Mail's Here!
Mail’s Here!


This Vox “box” was really more of an envelope.  Anytime that I receive something from Influenster I get excited and eagerly check the mail every day and then immediately take a selfie. It’s basic, but oh well!




The RevealMore package included the following as shown above:

1) Small sample of Reveal for Men by Calvin KleinTime to Test Reveal by Calvin Klein

2) One small credit card holder from Calvin Klein

3) One informational post card with the VoxBox instructions and the Calvin Klein ad for Reveal.

So How Did It Smell?

For a Man: My boyfriend said “I like it. I’d wear it. It wasn’t too strong”.   Maybe not a very through review, but it makes sense.  I certainly liked the way that this scent smelled on him.

For a Woman:  I wore this fragrance for two days.  It definitely reminded me of a manly smell, but it wasn’t so powerful that I felt like that one smelly guy in the office that nobody wants to walk behind.  Overall I’d say this is a very wearable cologne for women if you are into the muskier, manlier smells.


If you would like to joint the Influenster nation and get free products to review, follow this link.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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