Easy DIY Dandelion Nail Art

Dandelion in the Wind Nail Art

Looking for very easy whimsical summer nail art?  You’ve got it. This Dandelion design only takes a few minutes.  Best of all, you only need to have very basic nail art supplies.

Paint the nails with a base color; I used Lilacism by Essie.  Once the background color is dry, paint on a thin black line onto the main accent nail using either a fine tipped nail art brush or pen.  At the top of the line draw a small upside down semi-circle.

Dandelion Nail Art close up
Dandelion Nail Art close up

Wait for the black to dry a minute or two.  Next, use a white nail art brush or pen to draw on the dandelion seeds.  The more free and less structured you are with these brush strokes the more authentic it will look.

Continue to add dandelion seeds with the while onto adjacent nails. Make the pattern less dense as you spread to nails farther from the main accent nail.

PRO TIP: I highly recommend the I Love Nail Art White Nail Striper by Sally Hansen.  This nail art tool will allow you to create so many designs and it won’t dry out after a few months I promise.  The brush is just firm enough to have good control but still have the natural brush stroke look.

Dandelion Nail Art


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