Messy Bag Drawer to Neat in 4 Steps

How To Fold a Plastic Bag

It’s no secret that everybody has a drawer crammed full with plastic bags.  For some of us these bags are being saved for walks with the dog, kitty litter cleanup, or to wrap up smelly trash.  For others the bags are collected for the sole purpose of being eventually discarded or recycled. Either way why not have a neatly folder stack of bags instead of a piled up mess?

Go From Messy to Organized in Four Steps!



Here’s how to fold a plastic bag into the perfect triangle:


1) Lay the bag on a flat surface. Make sure that the bottom corners are properly folded in.


2) Fold the bag lengthwise into thirds.


3) Starting at the bottom, triangle fold alternating left and right the length of the bag.


4) Tuck the bag handles into the triangle opening.


Happy Pinning!

P.S. Thanks goes out to the guy at my dog daycare who I observed doing this yesterday, inspiring this post.



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