80's Photobooth with word bubbles

80’s Party Photobooth

What 80’s party would be complete without a rad photobooth?  The best part about a photobooth is that it can be as expensive or a cheap as you’d like depending on the props you offer.

For our photobooth, my friend Shannan and I used a large roll of black paper as the backdrop.  We added neon orange and green tape to give it that gnarly 80’s vibe.

80's photobooth backdrop and props

For props we offered guests 80’s style sunglasses, a blow up guitar, and most importantly, word bubbles. We filled in a few of the word bubbles with 80’s phrases like “So Rad”, “Eat My Shorts” and “Take a Chill Pill”.  I left a few bubbles blank for guest to fill in their own phrases.  The word bubbles are just cut from poster board and we used a sharpie to fill in the boarded.

80's Photobooth80's Photobooth


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