How to Hang a Perfectly Straight Picture or Mirror

We’ve all been there… spending 30 minutes to hang something and then stepping back to realize that it’s crooked.  This is such a deflating and annoying feeling that is easily avoidable.  If you follow these easy steps it will guarantee that everything you hang will be perfectly level.  I used hanging a very heavy mirror in the example pictures since this is a time when I absolutely could not afford to hang it cockeyed.

Step 1) Lay whatever you are about to hang on a flat surface.  Place painters tape or masking tape on to cover the hooks on the back of your frame. 

1) Lay on flat surface 2) place painters tape on hooks

Step 2) Mark X’s onto the tape over the location of the hooks or hangers.

2) draw x's where the hooks are

Step 3) Remove the piece of tape from the mirror or frame and place it on the wall. Measure the height of the object you are hanging to make sure that it will fit below where the tape is placed.

Use a level to ensure that the tape is perfectly level.Step 3) Apply tape to wall and level

Step 4) Depending on the weight of your mirror or picture you might need to use drywall anchors.  The mirror I hung is very heavy (30 lbs +) so I used large drywall anchors and screws. You can buy these in a package of 10 with matching anchors and hooks so you know the size is right and the package generally says how much weight they can hold.

Use a drill to drill a hole through the middle of the X on the tape. Remove the tape and hammer in the drywall anchor. Finally, use a screwdriver to insert the screw into the drywall anchor.

Steps for installing drywall anchor and screws.
Steps for installing drywall anchor and screws.

Step 5) Finally hang your masterpiece and use the level to ensure that you nailed it (pun intended).

5) Hang Mirror and check Levelness

Completed Hanging Mirror

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