Father's Day Card Close Up

Candy Bar Fathers Day Card

My younger sister saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect gift for her dad/my step-dad.  Since he’s a sweet tooth it was a perfect gift.

Another example of this idea comes from Lil’ Luna’s Fathers Day Candy Bar Poster.

Emily and my mom came up with the text and I helped Emily put it together.  We used a few golf themes since our dad is an avid golfer (i.e. “step up to the MOUNDS”).

Happy Father's Day!

The full text reads:

“For Fathers Day I could have taken you on a shopping SPREE or golfing… When you step up on the MOUNDS I will try not to SNICKER as you CRUNCH the ball, or I can make you a PB sandwich and you can lick my BUTTERFINGERS, then we can split a MILKYWAY be-TWIX us.  Since I don’t have a job with a PAYDAY I thought I would give you this card instead.”

Ok ok maybe it’s cheesy and very grammatically questionable, but still super cute.


We were able to get all of the candy bars to stay on very well using packing tape.

Candy Bar Father's Day Card

Happy Pinning!

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