Neon Spray Painted Cassette Tapes

80’s Themed Neon Cassette Tapes

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What is more 80’s than neon AND cassette tapes?  The most challenging part of creating these amazing 80’s party decorations was finding cassette tapes.  Think about it, when was the last time you stumbled across a large pile of cassette tapes?  We tried searching vintage stores and Goodwill to no avail.  My mom found about 10 or so that she was willing to part with.  We were also able to buy some cassettes from WalMart, but fair warning, don’t ask the employees in the electronics department if they have cassettes because they will wrongly tell you “no” and look at you like you’re crazy for wanting to buy cassette tapes.

Model Maker Brand Spray Paint White Primer Spray PaintWe purchased five different neon spray paint colors (yellow, green, purple, orange, and blue).  We used a range of brands, but overwhelmingly the Model Master brand (left) worked the best.  I ended up having to use a white primer coat first to get the Krylon brand to cover the plastic (above).

Yellow and Purple Spray Painted Cassettes

Here you can see what the tapes looked like without a coat of primer.

It was pretty disappointing, but after adding the primer the color was a lot less transparent.


I thought it might look cool to use the actual tape as string to tie the cassettes together.  I just pulled out some of the tape and used the slits and holes int he plastic on the cassette tape case to keep them together.  You can put two or three cassettes on a string based on where you will hang them.  Most of mine ended up going on ceiling lights, so more than 3 would have been a nuisance.

Hanging Neon Cassette Tapes DSC_0031









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