Mrs. PacMan cake based on the Level I board of Mrs. PacMan.  Great for 80's themed birthday parties!

Ms. PacMan Birthday Cake

Truth be told there are a lot of “Totally Rad” cake options for an 80’s party.  But for the birthday boy that our 80’s party was created for there is only one option: Ms. PacMan.  Inspiration for this cake came from a few places.  Serenity Now posted a neat Mr. PacMan cake as well as Claudia’s Cakes Mr. PacMan Cake (which totally out does mine, but let’s not forget that I’m an amateur!)  The only problem was that both of these cakes were Mr. PacMan and this birthday boy is all about MS. PacMan.  I might not have noticed and would have made the wrong cake, but luckily our friend Jason pointed out that the cake concept ideas we had we all Mr. PacMan.

using a toothpick to stencil in the lines on the Mrs. PacMan board.Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff… how did I do it?  Well I bought a sheet cake from a grocery store and had them ice it in chocolate.

If you’ve never used black icing or tried to dye icing black I highly recommend NOT trying it.  Plus the chocolate tastes better! And it gets the point across.  I used a printout of the Ms. PacMan Level I board as a template to stencil the main design of the board.  By using a toothpick and some eyeball measurements I was able to get a really great stencil.  Next I used orange icing and piped along all of the stenciled Orange Lines of Pacman Board Cakelines to make the game board.  Orange is the color of the boundaries for Level I of Ms. PacMan.  It was very important to be accurate to please these party guest (i.e. we’re all nerds).  I also left space at the top to write “Happy Birthday Adam”.  Since the stenciling went so well I used the toothpick to stencil this in as well.  For an icing tip I used a medium sized regular round tip.  I bought orange icing and whipped it up in my stand mixer to make it easier to spread.

Everyone knows that both Mr. and Ms. PacMan LOVE EATING DOTS!!!  The obvious option for making dots would be to just pipe icing.

Dots materialPlaceing Dots - Full View



I however thought this seemed tedious and potentially aggravating  so I bought a few candy decorating items to help get the job done.  I used the small white dots as the normal PacMan food and the larger white dots as the special corner foods.  Then the interesting part… How do you place about 100 tiny white dots so that they line up and look nice?  Well I had an idea to try to use a plastic bristle paint brush to pick up and place these tiny white dots.

Placing Dots -Close Up It worked like magic!  I used a tiny bit of water to get the bristles wet and was able to quickly and very precisely place all of the dots!

I know what you’re thinking… “Is this cake/PacMan board really accurate down to the last dot?”  Although I was striving to get it 100%, there is one flaw.  But even the birthday boy couldn’t tell so I’ll let it go.  The finishing touches were to make the ghosts (I used colored icing and a

flat tip to pipe out a little rectangle and added eyes), the text at the top, and a border.  I think it’s important to mention that NO FONDANT WAS USED making this cake.  Honestly it tastes gross, it’s kind of cheating, and is hard to deal with.  You can do anything with icing it you put your mind to it!  Well that’s about it.  Let me know if you have questions and as always…

Adding ghosts to a Mrs. PacMan Birthday Cake

 Happy Pinning!

One thought on “Ms. PacMan Birthday Cake”

  1. That cake is amazing! I don’t like Fondant for eating either.

    Here’s some inappropriate Ms. Pacman humor=

    Who was the greatest prostitute in history? Ms. Pacman, for 25 cents that b*tch swallowed balls till she died.

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