Planted Hearts Nail Art

Valentine’s Planted Hearts Nail Art

Originally Pinned and designed by Rina Alcantara from Simply Rins

I love this nail art design by Rina Alcantara and I found it just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I think it is the epitome of cute meets classy.  Rina used a nice light green background.  My nail model this time was Colleen who already had a light taupe base coat so we used that instead.

To make the hearts I used the end of a bobby pin as explained in my Valentine’s Kisses Nail Art post.  This helps give the heart s a nice roundness that is extremely hard to attain with a thin brush.Planted Hearts Thumb Close Up  Next I used a thin black nail art brush to paint the stem and finished it off with some leaves in green.  I’ll openly admit that my planted hearts didn’t turn out as well as Rina’s.  Although this design looks easy, getting the correct symmetry and smoothness to the heart can be difficult.  Colleen however was pleased with the outcome and said that these Planted Hearts made her smile for the week!

Happy Pinning!

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