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Valentine’s Kisses Nail Art

Original nail art design by Nail Art 101.  Check out the tutorial video here Valentine’s Kisses.

Valentine’s Day Kisses is the best choice for themed nail art in February.  I love heart designs as much as the next guy, but it’s not the most original.  These lipstick smooches are just as easy to do and way more fun!

bobby pinIn the video by Nail Art 101 they use a fancy nail art tool.  In lieu of this I used a bobby pin and it worked great!  Easier to handle than a paintbrush and it gets just the right amount of nail polish on the tip.



Ring finger with white close upI tried this with two fingers.  On my ring finger I added the white lip creases as shown in the tutorial video.  On my thumb I left the lip creases off.  I think both are cute, it’s up to you which you prefer 🙂


Pucker up and Happy Pinning!

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