Emily Side Braid Back

Side Braid

The original pin that I found for a side braid on Pinterest was just from a picture on tumblr, so there’s no one to really credit for this one.  Although I suppose technically I can credit the Ancient Egyptians (4000 BC) who were the first people documented to braid, or plait, hair.

Side Braid Front
Emily’s side braid and side smirk

As you can see on my lovely model (and younger sister) the braid is a beautiful way to style longer hair.  If you can french braid hair, you can definitely handle trying a side braid.  It’s basically the same as a regular french braid that starts at the part and continues alongside the face.  On the face side of the braid you don’t pick up hair for each fold (unless you have some crazy long eyebrows).  Instead just fold the original strand back into the center of the braid.  I prefer to braid into wet hair, but both my sister and I have finer hair.  If you happen to be blessed with gorgeous wavy thick hair by all means braid it dry and a little messy!

Self Side Braid
Self Side Braid

Some people choose to braid over the ear so that it is hidden behind the braid.  For both Emily’s braid I went all the way behind her ear so that she could keep her glasses on comfortably.  For my braid I let my ear peek out a little.  Now, whenever I show up to work with a braid in my hair the first questions people will ask are “Did you do that yourself?” and “How long did that take?”. Yes I did it myself, and it takes about 10 minutes (at least it did when my hair was high waist length).  I promise that braiding you own hair isn’t difficult.  I find that if you do it by feel instead of trying to use a mirror you will have the best results.  So give it a whirl!  I do not however recommend modeling your own braided hair for your blog.  It’s a much better idea to get your cute younger sister to be your model as much as possible (thanks Emily!).

Give it a try and let me know how the side braid works for you!  You can also do a side braid with half-up/half-down hair.

Happy Pinning!

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