Gold and Black Nails

The inspiration for this nail art came from the idea of trying to use the thin nail art detail brushes to create intricate designs.  For fun I also did one nail using a fine point Sharpie (can you guess which?).  Whenever I discuss nail art with friends they always insists that they wouldn’t be able to get the thin lines correct.  My answer: of course you can.  Start with easier designs that use straight lines and don’t let your fear of getting it “perfect” limit your creativity.

Pinky Nail with Sharpie Zig Zag Design

To start I painted a background using “The Next CEO” from Nicole by OPI.  I really like this brand of polish, it tends to be durable compared to slightly less expensive brands but doesn’t cost as much as OPI.  I started by doing the pinky nail using a black fine point Sharpie.  The sharpie drew onto the nail extremely well, but there were a few issues.  First, the Sharpie will wear off, so you must use a top coat. Secondly, the top coat smears the Sharpie.  Needless to say this issue makes the use of a Sharpie lose-lose.

Thumb Nail with Argyle Design using Thin Nail Art Brush

After that I challenged myself to do an equally intricate design as the Sharpie-d pinky using the traditional thing brush nail art polish (Ok I cheated a little by painting onto my thumb which has a much larger surface area).  I was pleased with the way my design turned out.  Not perfect of course but for a first try and on my own nail I give it a solid B+.  What do you think?

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