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Cupcake Nail Art

There are a plethora of trending cupcake nail art Pins on Pinterest.  I choose to use Nail-Art-101‘s tutorial as my starting point (See the Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial Here).  The instructions were easy to follow and I loved the design that Lisa used on Nail Art 101.  I tried a few of these cupcakes on my friends and on willing friends (thanks Julia and Shannan!) with one small design change.  I didn’t have two similar color tones for the muffin liner so I used my thin black nail art brush from Kiss to create the effect on the muffin liner.

Sophia's Cupcake Nail
First attempt at a cupcake nail!

I’m right-handed, so generally only my left hand gets cool nail art.  This was definitely the case for the cupcake nail.  I do think it’s possible to do with your non-dominant hand, but it might be easier to just ask a friend to do it for you!

Some cupcake nail artists use a rhinestone instead of a red cherry, but I stayed with the traditional cherry.

For Shannan’s nail I used a red color for the muffin liner.  I also varied the lines on the liner instead of making them uniformly spaced as on my nail.

For Julia’s nail we got really wild and used gold for the muffin liner.  She also let me try painting her thumb to see if the proportions still worked out.  I was worried since thumbs are so wide, but I think it turned out great!

Julia’s thumb nail cupcake
Shannan's cupcake nail
Shannan’s cupcake nail


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