Masking Tape Painting

Originally by Maria Teorien  See original Pin here
Like most crafty women on Pinterest, I saw this pin and immediately thought “that is so pretty and totally doable”. After having actually done it I can contest that yes, it is pretty and definitely doable. The materials are not cheap unless you already own acrylic paints (which I did). I will also caution that this took me about 4 hours from start to finish. I gave this to my younger sister as a birthday gift and it made a great addition to her teenage bedroom.

Canvas – I bought this size at a craft store for about $20
Paint brushes – larger brushes make the project go faster. Also having more than one will speed things up, otherwise you have to run to a sink and wash between each color change.
Various acrylic paints – I HIGHLY SUGGEST buying white and dark colors so that you can mix to make more color options. I also used a shiny gold which I think added some interest. In Maria’s pin she used gold as the backdrop; silver would also look nice.
Tape – Maria used regular masking tape. I used “drafting tape” purchased at the craft store which I think gives slightly crisper lines.

Slowly peel off the tape
Masking Tape Painting – Paint and Let Dry











Place the tape in a pattern that has a focal point (In this case, most of the lines are directed towards the bottom right side of the canvas).

Both Maria and I used this technique and I think it brings depth to the finished work instead of having all of the tape lines completely random.

I also taped the edges of the canvas to help give it a clean edge. Unlike Maria’s painting I used the canvas white as my backdrop instead of painting a metallic background (mostly cause I was feeling lazy).
Wait until the tape dries to peel off. I had to do each section with AT LEAST two coats of paint.

Hang on a wall and voila!

Happy Pinning!

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