Homemade Armpit Stain Remover

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Let’s face it, everyone hates armpit stains. I hate them so much that in recent years I have completely avoided buying any white shirt that has an arm at all! Luckily 21st century girls have Pinterest to remind us that there are simple fixes for common pesky issues like, to put it eloquently, “pit stains”.

Good news! This pin not only works but is CHEAP and SIMPLE! A double whammy. Just mix one part dish soap, two parts hydrogen peroxide and enough basking soda to form a paste.

Rub into the pits of your favorite white shirts and let sit for about an hour. Then throw them in with your light wash load and it’s done!

Here’s the before picture. This was a 100% cotton shirt that I have owned (and sweated in) for 5 years. It was my worst all all pit stains (and I’ll admit I’m slightly embarrassed to share a picture of it).

And the after, amazing!

May your white shirts rejoice, Happy Pinning!

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