Floating Candles with Twigs

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This project only cost $7.50. The vase was about $7 at the craft store and the candle was $0.49. You can spend $30 on a candle that doesn’t look nearly this pretty!

I originally picked these materials from my garden to use:

tall grass
mint plant trimmings

The bad news is all of these things float, including the twigs. So, I was able to cut the twigs to that they pressed against the sides of the vase to hold them selves in. The candle also helped to keep everything in there.

To me this was pretty, but kind of boring, so I tried adding the tall grass (huge fail) and then the mint. The mint stayed down after setting it under the twigs a little bit. It also gave the whole thing a nice aroma.

Overall this was an easy, cheap project that I enjoyed for about 5 days before the water got dingy.

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