Dazzle Dust Nail Tutorial

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See Full Directions Here

This nail tutorial is an extremely popular pin. To try it, I bought a dark polish (How You Care by Nicole, $7 at Wal-Mart). For the “dazzle dust” I used some face shimmer by Bare Essentials called “Gold Gossamer” that I had lying around.

The instructions on the original pin are spot on. I followed them to the T and didn’t have any issues. It’s important to point out that I did these nail all on my own so you can too! No need for a salon or even a friend to get this look.

One note: In the picture below the nail on the left is AFTER top coat, and the nail on the right is BEFORE top coat. As you can see the top coat tones down the shimmer, so MORE IS LESS when you’re applying the shimmer cause some of it will get dimmed down with the top coat.

And the finished product…

Happy Pinning!

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