Rice Cooker Mushroom Rice

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If you search “mushroom rice” in Pinterest you will find this recipe is by far the most pinned. Although it’s a popular re-pin I have doubts that many people have tried it. The author of this recipe lives in the Philippines. Because of this there are a few unusual ingredients listed; Chinese sausage and mirin (a Japanese ingredient that’s a mix between sweet rice wine and sake). In an attempt to make this recipe as a normal American could I chose to substitute Chinese sausage for chicken sausage and left out the mirin entirely.

I also substituted the dried mushrooms for fresh. If you were making this on a tropical island dried mushrooms would make sense, but I opted for fresh instead. Just saute the mushrooms in a pan with the sesame oil and for extra flavor add a cup of chicken broth.

Throw the uncooked rice, soy sauce mixture (soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and I used some pepper), sausage, mushrooms and about 2-3 cups of water into the rice cooker and set to the cook setting. Mine took about 40 minutes to cook and yielded about 3 full servings.

The best thing about this recipe was that it taught me that the rice cooker could be used for more than just rice. The only caution I will mention is to be light on the soy sauce cause this can get too salty very easily.

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