Buckeye Bark

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Oh boy what can I say about these. First off they are delicious but kind of expensive. I found that buying so much chocolate and peanut butter adds up quickly. They taste exactly like Buckeyes (in ball form) and take slightly less time. While you save time rolling the balls you gain time waiting for each layer to harden in the fridge or freezer.

I LOVE dark chocolate so I opted for a slightly darker variation by using 3 parts semi-sweet and one part unsweetened. This substitution is definitely not for everyone and I might even recommend cutting the semi-sweet with sweetened or milk chocolate if you are making this for a mixed crowd or for kids.

I highly recommend using a double boiler to melt the chocolate instead of using the microwave. There is zero risk of burning that expensive chocolate and it will temper better during cooling. It also makes time management easier because you can keep the chocolate on the double boiler on low for a long time without ruining it in any way.

I use a small pot with a few inches of water and a metal bowl for my homemade double boiler.

I made the mistake of using a smaller cookie sheet to spread this mess onto. For some reason I doubted that I had enough for the large cookie sheet, but after finishing the top layer I realized that the small cookie sheet resulted is super thick bars, which are not only a challenge to cut they aren’t the easiest to eat.

BAKER TIP! If you don’t have one of these (see thingy below), please get one. It makes measuring out any liquid or solid in any unit imaginable so easy! I don’t know what they’re called but I do know that they’re awesome.

Mix up the peanut butter center and spread over top.

Let it cool and top with the second layer of chocolate and you’re almost done.

HUGE SUGGESTION: Before placing this in the freezer to harden, use a knife to score or cut through at least the top two layers. This is way easier than trying to cut it when it’s hard and will make your finished product much more visually appealing. (Note: I figured this out too late so mine weren’t as pretty as they could be if you use this suggestion)

I let mine sit over night in the refrigerator. Just break apart and serve!

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