Macaroni and Cheese


Originally by Rak’s Kitchen

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I found this recipe on Pinterest. It stood out above the others because it did not involve baking (which I personally think is overkill for mac and cheese). For the most part I thought that the original recipe worked well. With a few small modifications, described below, this recipe turned out just how I hoped it would!

Instead of cooking the pasta in a pot and making the sauce in a separate sauce pan, I used my dutch oven to minimize the amount of dirty dishes. This worked very well but it will add about 15-20 minutes to your overall cook time. Another plus of using the dutch oven is that it seems easier to make the rue without burning the butter than a traditional stainless sauce pan.

Adding Milk

Doubling this recipe yield enough food for 3 full meals (adult size) or 4-6 side dish portions. I also recommend using about 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese to add a little more flavor.

Adding Pasta

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